Cosplay FAIL: Police Mistake Costume For Bomb

Image source: Kyle Martel/Facebook

It happens more often than we’d like to admit… And yet people just haven’t learned.

A committed cosplayer recently tried requested alterations from a Canadian tailor, but opted to wear his costume TO their place of business. Let’s just pause here and note, his getup is a post-apocolyptic armor outfit straight out of Fallout:¬†gas mask, helmet, armor, bulletproof vest and all.

Mind you, the costume looked pretty good with the bare basics: even leveraging Pringles cans spray painted in silver. Well, the Royal Canadian Police thought it looked pretty convincing too.

8 officers, 1 building evacuation and a full rush later, they discover he was simply trying to commit to character. He was arrested but not charged… Although maybe should’ve been ticketed for being a dumb*ss.

Safety first folks… Maybe keep your costume discreet until convention day. Get the full story over at




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