Cosplay Prop Guide: The 8 Kanto Pokémon Badges

When it comes to my own cosplay, I’m a stickler for details. For anyone else, I don’t care. You want to wear a Brown Coat for Vash the Stampede? Whatever. You do you, dude. But I really care about details, even for something small like Pokémon gym badges.

So before we go any further, let’s take a closer look at the eight Kanto Pokémon badges Ash displays in the TV show. I want to specifically focus on two badges—the Thunder Badge and the Earth Badge.

The Thunder Badge has three sections and the Earth Badge is one leaf with one break between the stem and leaf—it looks more like a feather than a leaf. When I looked for badges, those were the first two things I looked for. Will anyone notice and/or care when I flash these sweet badges at a Con? Probably not. But I will, and you better BELIEVE I’m giving my money to the people who care about detail as much as I do.

Before I get to the wallet killers, I present the only DIY Tutorial I found online worth a darn. Even though they use the fake Earth Badge, I couldn’t ignore this person’s creativity.

And without further ado, here are the three best, readily available sets of Kanto Badges.


The first option comes to us from an aptly named Etsy seller, PokemonBadges. At $19, the quality looks amazing. The badges are made from iron, brass, or steel, so they’re built to last. It checks all of my stickler boxes, and I’d be proud to wear these inside my blue vest.


The mid-range option comes from another Etsy seller named Winterwish. You can choose to buy the eight badges for $23 or the badges and a case for $38. The badges are made of metal and enamel, and they look stunning. (Plus shipping from Australia is only $6 somehow. Amazing.)


Time to break out the credit card. This set of badges come from THE PokémonCenter. These badges will set you back a cool $180, and I feel like it’s worth it. Where the first two badges on this list were flat, these are 3-D. You can just see that a great deal of effort went into making these. The Pokémon badges come in a great display case, which does open, allowing you to ecstatically pin them to your vest.

Wear these with pride. Not everyone can beat all eight gym leaders—not even Ash.



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