Creamy Mami Is Back! Takako Ohta Wants You To Help Her Make Magic

Creamy Mami Is Back! Takako Ohta Wants You to Help Her Make Magic!
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If you never got to see Creamy Mami… well, it’s a bit hard now. But if you can, do! It’s an early Studio Pierrot magical girl series about a kid who uses alien tech to become a teen pop sensation. But behind the animation was another magical success story. And while only hardcore fans may recognize singer Takako Ohta now, she’s still going strong. Now she’s ready to do more!

Who Was Creamy Mami?

Creamy Mami Is Back! Takako Ohta Wants You to Help Her Make Magic!
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Back in 1983, the new Studio Pierrot was trying out “mixed media” for the first time. Nowadays we’re very familiar with it: many anime, especially idol series, thrive on it. But the show that would become Creamy Mami was an early innovator. To cast their lead actress — who would voice both Yuu and her alter ego Mami and sing all her songs — they scouted a new talent. The talent was 16-year-old Takako Ohta. Mami’s first song, “Delicate ni Suki Shite,” was also Ohta’s first single.

Ohta released 21 albums and 16 singles between 1983 and 1991. As a voice actress, she only ever did bit parts in Arion and Nausicaä beyond her first role. Eventually, she retired from her singing career, remaining beloved by fans for decades.

Nowadays, she runs the series Takako Ohta’s Doki Doki Club R on Nico Nico’s Natsumi TV. With her is presenter Reiko Iwaoka and anime/game composer Kazuaki Miyaji (Face Free). But recent announcements hint that she’s dipping back into the world of music!

By Popular Demand…

Creamy Mami Is Back! Takako Ohta Wants You to Help Her Make Magic!
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In addition to his work with Ohta, Miyaji runs a series of concerts called TONES Nights. These events gather music-makers (including Ohta and Miyaji themselves) for live performances on a regular basis. Fans of the pair’s Nico Nico series have been begging for some tie-in CDs… and it looks like their wish may come true!

Ohta has announced that she’s planning on working with Miyaji to create CDs of TONES Night songs and artists — both studio and live recordings. But she’ll need help from the fans! This is going to be a big undertaking, for sure. Plans are now afoot to create a crowdfunding campaign for the CD project. No information has been given yet beyond its eventual existence, but this could be exciting!

For one thing, it could mean more music from Ohta — whose last big release was an anniversary mix of “Delicate ni Suki Shite.” Could there be more old favorites incoming? Or perhaps some new music? We’ll have to wait and see — but it’s exciting!





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