Did You Catch These Pokemon Go Announcements?

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As many of you know, we Viewster employees are in absolute love with Pokemon Go! By Niantic & The Pokemon Company and if you haven’t glossed over our prior posts about the game, feel free to check them out! Now for those of you in the know, San Diego Comic Con just wrapped up another successful convention weekend and with it came a slew of new announcements for movies, anime and of course, Pokemon Go! Let’s dive right into what these announcements are!

First off, we finally have faces and names to go with the respective teams! Representing Team Valor is Candela, representing Team Mystic is Blanche and representing Team Instinct is Spark. The reveals for the respective teams has already spawned countless fan-art and now gives a face to the droves of players out in the wild. This is a good step on fleshing out the teams for the future of Pokemon Go! Features. On top of the team leader reveals it was confirmed that the Eevee naming easter egg (Rainer, Sparky, Pyro) does indeed work for getting you the Eevee of your choosing. They also announced that there are many more easter eggs that have yet to be discovered by the community. My guess is either some inside naming references for more evolution, possibly easter eggs from the actual anime; granted my knowledge of the anime and subsequent films is spotty at best. I would safely assume that other popular trainer names would be usable to push for certain evolution, which I would assume would be aimed at more Eevee-evolution’s in the near future.

The company also touched on the features they would like to implement in future updates and trading is one of them! While it is in the prototyping stage, they are wanting to bring this feature to trainers as soon as they can. Their primary focus right now, getting the server issues fixed for good. Pokemon Go! In some instances broke day one or week one download records for smartphone store downloads and as a result, the servers have been taxed beyond their recommended populations. We hope that the servers only continue to stay stable. Other game changing features that Niantic is exploring are things like new customization aspects to Pokestop’s via items that grant them different abilities (i.e. making one into a Poke Center); as well as new Pokemon. The game currently sits a 10% representation for Niantic’s vision for the game and as such they plan on leaving a great amount of room for expansion and growth. I personally will be looking forward to the implementation of the Generation II Pokemon. All about that Totodile. You can also bet we are excited to see the new Pokestop abilities that will be introduced via the use of items, as mentioned above. Beyond giving them the capabilities of being Poke Centers, I would hope that we could get a player ran Poke Mart style one, where players can either sell or exchange items for the in-game Poke Coins, or maybe a Pokestop that could be transformed into a Poke Daycare center for your eggs and other Pokemon! That would definitely be a game changer right there. The possibilities are exciting! What are some of your hopes for the future of Pokemon Go? 

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