Do You Have What It Takes To Work For Production I.G?

Do You Have What It Takes to Work for Production I.G?
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Ever wished you could make your animation debut with a major studio? Production I.G may be looking for you. And if you have what it takes, you could find yourself creating your own fully licensed anime.

Do You Have What It Takes to Work for Production I.G?

Thinking About Those (Anime) Beans

Production I.G recently launched Tate Anime, an app supplying anime series made to watch on your iPhone. What does that mean? The titles are short, simple, and animated vertically-oriented. In other words, they function to fit to how you naturally use your phone.

The term tate anime literally means “vertical anime,” and that’s where the company originally got its name. But recently, Production I.G rebranded the app to Anime Beans. The newly-branded service still offers the same content otherwise, although “tate anime” is now a descriptor rather than a brand name.

Subscribers can enjoy short-form shows like Africa Salaryman, Luna-tan, and Hello, This Is Terumi.

And soon, something created by one of the app’s subscribers could also be on the list!

That’s where you come in… Production I.G is hoping to inspire a new generation of creators with its First Annual Indies Anime Award. Animators of all skill levels are invited to create a short work — vertically oriented or otherwise — and upload it to Anime Beans via the app’s new “Indies Waku” function. Once uploaded, the creations will be on the app for all to see.

Winners will be chosen based on a combination of judge scores, “applause” (the app’s version of Likes), and viewer comments. One grand prize winner will receive a 1 million yen cash prize, as well as a tour of Production I.G and a roundtable discussion with Mitsuhisa Ishikawa and animator/character designer Takayuki Goto.

But wait, there’s more!

The concept of the uploaded creation will be commissioned for releases as an official Anime Beans title, featuring well-known voice actors in the cast! It’s an amazing first step for any aspiring animator. Imagine starting your career as a story creator at Production I.G!

Entries are open until September 30th. So if you’re feeling creative, check out the contest page.


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