Do you remember your first convention impression?

Hey everyone, Kausus here. Today I want to try something a bit different. I want to take a page from my own site and apply it to what I do here at Viewster. I want to sit down and talk about the first time you went to a convention. Do you remember it? It is hard not to forget a big event that hopefully left a lasting impression and craving for more. Going to a convention is like stepping onto a boat or a plan to a whole other world. They are almost entirely self-contained and feature a wide array of activities, events, goodies and most importantly; memories. It can be a positive, reinforcing memory or it could have been the worst experience you ever had. In either event your first convention can have a lot of impact on how you perceive and engage with conventions down the road.

I remember my first convention very well and it is a childhood memory that I hold very dear to me. It was the annual convention Star Wars Celebration IV and let me tell you, it was a blast. Being a kid and getting to meet these famous actors, to look at props from the movies and to take pictures with brilliant cosplayers was more than I could ever imagine. That fun driving spirit, that rush of a convention was just absolutely stunning; blinding almost. It would leave a lasting itch that I could only stave off by going to other conventions. It wasn’t until years later that I would achieve that by visiting our local Kansas City Convention Naka-Kon. Granted having lived for many years prior in California I had never attended an anime convention before, so this was a delightful first and is what I truly consider to be my first convention.


(Photo’s where taken by myself during the Naka-Kon 2016 convention)

It was a maze of excitement, busy bodies and noise. It was its own functioning world and it left me thinking not about my next college class or work day, but rather the pure sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. Every time I go to this convention it always is the same in terms of sense. I can feel my worried days melting away and I am totally in my own world. I get to be with other people who love and appreciate the medium of the convention just as much as I do. You get to purchase items that you normally would never have gotten the chance to in your day to day life; unless you happen to live in Japan or near a store that caters to such products. Getting to meet talented musicians, artists, voice talents and influential figures is more than enough to set one over the edge with pure amazement; it could even be more than enough to encourage you to start a blog!

That feeling of having the time of your life at a convention is what sticks with you and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. Granted a sour experience can also leave a horrid after-taste in one’s mouth. Having to go through a convention experience that was horrid from day one will forever change how you view conventions; or it will encourage you to look elsewhere. The aftertaste of a terrible convention is something that I have yet to ever experience and frankly it is an experience that i can hopefully avoid for however long I can. It is however an unavoidable experience as the hotel you stay at also has an essence of an impression on you. If everything works against you in your first convention experience then it will be off putting in the near future.

img_0470 img_0576

(Photo’s where taken by myself during the Naka-Kon 2016 convention)

This is not to say that every unpleasant experience will leave a sour taste, it could leave you with an interest in hoping for a better convention next year or to find a convention that will truly leave you impressed. That first experience can drive a passion further as well and can even lead you into doing things you normally would have never of done; like blogging about anime. A first experience doesn’t have to be negative or positive, it is a first that you will forever use as a basis for further impressions; granted having a positive one or a negative one is easier to work with against a neutral one. You can take those impressions and apply them towards what you do with much more passion than previously before. A first impression is a beautiful feeling one and it was this impression that leads me in what I do for my day to day life. It’s one of the reasons I am able to be where I am today.
What sort of first impressions did you take from your first convention experience? Was a it a joyous one that encouraged you to go on and do greater things? Did it push you to attend more conventions or did it leave a sour taste that you have struggled to correct and or rectify? Feel free to leave a comment for us down below! We look forward to bringing you more convention based coverage in the future!

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