Fans Rejoice: We’re Getting Another Batman Anime

batman ninja

When this news broke, I was legally dead for about 3 minutes. In 2018, we are getting a Batman Ninja anime movie.

Apparently, Warner Bros. has been working on a full-length Batman anime film and the title is literally Batman Ninja. I know I’m typically a skeptic, but dear god I’m all in on this. For those Batman fans out there, you may remember this isn’t the first Batman anime. In 2008, an animated masterpiece, Batman: Gotham Knight, was presented to the world and it is glorious. The film consists of six short stories animated by six different anime studios. And yes, Kevin Conroy is Batman (and if there’s a god, Kevin Conroy will be Batman again for Batman Ninja). If you love Batman and anime, it’s not a must watch—it’s a must own.

For a movie I didn’t even know about before NYCC, I’m putting this on my “must watch 12 times” list for 2018.  As soon as there’s a trailer, you can believe I’ll be posting it on here. Until then, just watch for the bat signal.




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