Don’t Miss Sega’s Vanquish On PC This Time Around

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Sega’s Vanquish is now on PC with 4K support as of today. This updated release date comes hot on the heels of the Steam release of Bayonetta, which finally made its way to PC players after being left in Wii U limbo with the release of Bayonetta 2 for quite some time.

Vanquish is a very different game from Bayonetta, but absolutely worth picking up if you’ve not done so already. Originally released nearly ten years ago in October 2010, it combined elements of beat-‘em-up games, bullet hell shooters, and intriguing “sliding boost” mechanics.

Don't Miss Sega's Vanquish On PC This Time Around Sam Gideon
Image Source: Sega

It follows DARPA agent Sam Gideon on his quest to rescue a scientist named Dr. Francois Candide during a mission to keep Russian rebels the Order of the Russian Star from destroying cities in the United States. After a massive blast wave that basically destroyed San Francisco, it’s high time the Order be stopped. That’s where you, acting as Sam Gideon, come in.

Gideon uses his Augmented Reaction Suit (ARS) in combat, which allows him to perform all the aforementioned moves. It’s a bit like a more streamlined mech, only a lot cooler. He can slow down time, boost to and fro, and lay the smackdown on enemies with his BLADE weapons system, melee attacks, and grenades. The game’s rife with quick time vents as well, and a cover system that forces you to move from place to place rather than stick to one area for too long.


It’s a fast and frenetic adventure with a cyberpunk feel to it, though it’s still very much a cover shooter with inventive mechanics at heart. Unfortunately it was also very short, and it didn’t reach near as many players as it should have when first released. It was critically acclaimed, scoring 7s through 9s across the board, with critics praising its high-octane energy and addictive replay value. It just didn’t seem to take off when it first debuted.

Don't Miss Sega's Vanquish On PC This Time Around Sam Gideon
Image Source: Sega

Luckily, it’s got another chance at life with its PC release, which promises 4K resolution, anti-aliasing, SSAO lighting, scalable texture and shadow quality. It’ll also support Steam achievements, leaderboards and Big Picture Mode. Basically, it’ll be a whole lot easier to play despite the fact that it’s been since 2010 since it debuted. It’s got all the bells and whistles of a game released in 2017, so there’s no reason you should skip out on it this time!

So if you’re a PC gamer looking for something to tide you over this coming weekend, you’re going to want to dig in this time around. And if you already own Bayonetta on Steam, you get a 25% off discount when purchasing, to boot. Get ready to vanquish the enemy.



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