Don’t Turn Your Phone: Tate Anime Has Smartphone-Optimized Shows

Don't Turn Your Phone: Tate Anime Has Smartphone-Optimized Shows

If you’re not a fan of vertically-shot videos, you might want to turn away. Production I.G is changing how we watch anime with their latest innovation, Tate Anime.

What Is Tate Anime?

Don't Turn Your Phone: Tate Anime Has Smartphone-Optimized Shows

Well, the simple answer is it’s an anime viewing app. But lots of streaming sits have apps (yep, that includes Viewster!). What Production I.G is doing with their app is… a little unconventional.

For one thing, all of the titles they’re releasing are brand new. Many are based on existing comics, but all are created specifically for viewing on your phone. What does that mean? Well, for one, they’re all short-form: only a few minutes long each.

They’re also all vertical.

That’s right, Tate Anime is creating vertically-oriented anime made specifically for watching on your smart phone! Sure, we all know to turn our phones when something is oriented horizontally. But Production I.G is looking to make the format bend to the device, rather than vice-versa.

So what sort of creations does this turn out? Let’s find out!

The Tate Anime Lineup

Don't Turn Your Phone: Tate Anime Has Smartphone-Optimized Shows

The app’s offerings range from comedy to drama, from nostalgia to horror, plus everything in between.

Two popular offerings at the moment are Karada Sagashi and Africa Salaryman. The former, based on a Shonen Jump manga, is a survival horror series in which a group of students must relive the same night over and over until they reassemble a dismembered corpse. On the other end of the spectrum, Africa Salaryman is a comedy about businessmen who, you know, also happen to be wild animals.

At present, Tate Anime is streaming eleven titles, with three more announced for future. The service launched in Japan on June 5th, and seems to be doing well so far. Sadly, there’s no word on when (or whether) the rest of the world will be getting their vertical anime fix.

What do you think of Production I.G’s idea? Would you watch vertical anime? Tell us what you think in the comments!



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