Easter Egg In GTA Online Can Only Be Found When You’re Drunk

Easter Egg In GTA Online Can Only Be Found When You're Drunk
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GTA Online is a totally separate multiplayer experience than the original continuing set of games. But like its predecessors, it loves to hide secrets and Easter eggs for enthused fans to discover…

And the latest hidden secret in GTA Online seems more like a moment people would stumble across, rather than seek out.

The newest update to the game is called After Hours, and true to its name, it’s focused on partying and hitting up nightclubs. You can even order special drinks at all of these bars. One such beverage has a fancy ability to knock the player character out in one gulp… And that’s an important detail, because the character then wakes up somewhere else in the world, allowing players to find something they would have never otherwise discovered.

Here’s what you need to know:

The special drink is called a Macbeth Whiskey shot. One shot will cost you $350, unless you own the club/bar and you get to drink for free. After downing the shot and blacking out, you will wake up a variety of places around GTA V. People have woken up under overpasses, on top of billboards, on a dam, in a hedge maze, or on top of Mount Chiliad.

The one place people are shooting for though, is the rooftop of the Epsilon Building in Los Santos.

The Epsilon program is a GTA facsimile of Scientology in the real world. If you are lucky enough to wake up there, you will find yourself wearing a brand new shirt that is light blue and has the word “Kliffom” on it. Of course, it’s another reference to the Epsilon program.

The shirts are also a direct recreation of the actual t-shirts available for sale on the Rockstar website. Players have reportedly tried to accomplish this drunken hunt for over an hour at a time and still can’t get the shirt. It appears that the egg is either completely random or no one has quite figured out the perfect process to trigger it yet.

It sounds like this mission might take some leg work for you to pull off… And if you discover something we don’t know, hit us up.


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