Epic Games Sues 14 Year Old For Cheating

Epic Games Sues 14 Year Old For Cheating
(Source: Epic Games)

Dealing with cheaters is one of the most complex problems for game developers and players today. Developers can release patches or try to change rules to hinder cheaters… But in the end, they usually just negatively effect people that aren’t breaking any rules.

Since developers don’t have a lot of options when it comes to catching cheaters, they crash down aggressively on anyone and everyone they do find. And that’s where Epic Games, the developer behind the very popular Fortnite, comes into this story.

Epic has brought legal action against a teenager for promoting & using cheating mods.

They’re also suing the distributors of the cheating software, but the focus on this 14 year old has gained way, way more attention… Here’s his message:

His mama has has publicly condemned Epic for coming after her son (and you never, ever f*ck with mama). 


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