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I recently wrote a post about game development engines that require no programming skills whatsoever. If you caught that article and thought, “That’s great, but I still have NO IDEA how to make a game that’s fun or interesting…”, well you’re in luck.

Extra credits titleViewster is now streaming the hugely popular Extra Credits (EC) YouTube channel, which is all about the art of game design. Not the boring side of game design though, it’s actually really engaging and crucial if you want to turn that idea into a million dollar indie hit.

Making a game takes more than a barrel of code monkeys sitting around cranking out lines of script. In fact, making something that people enjoy playing takes a lot of consideration. It takes tapping into players’ brains to see what gets their juices flowing. What activates the brain’s reward centers? What makes a person sit in front of a screen for hundreds of hours? Or makes them throw a controller through their brand new flat screen?

Turns out, making games is half human psychology. EC dives into these topics each episode to flesh out answers to these questions.

I know it sounds kinda boring, but I assure you, it’s awesome. They talk about games everyone has played and point things out you may have never noticed. For example, why do some games get localized overseas and others do not? (looking at you, old-school Nintendo).

EC is the brainchild of long time game designer James Portnow. He clearly knows his stuff and I kinda wish he’d been a consultant on some crap-tastic games I’ve played in the past, like some of these awful Dragon Ball games. Maybe they wouldn’t have ended up being a stain on the otherwise clean sheets of a wonderful franchise.

You can check out Extra Credits here on Viewster. And if game design still doesn’t interest you whatsoever, the EC team also created Extra History, dropping some interesting history knowledge, and Extra Scenes, which is all about game animation.

Anyone ready to crank out their first game? Announce it in the comment below.

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