Fallout 76 Is Coming: Here’s Everything We Know

Fallout 76 Is Coming: Here's Everything We Know So Far
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The world of Fallout is set to expand a bit further… And this time, we’re going back to the beginning.

Enter Fallout 76.

If the trailers are to be believed, the setting for at least a portion of the new game will be in the year 2102.

That date is displayed on the Pip-Boy in a moment of the trailer. If that date is true then this new game would take place before all of the other Fallout games. The first game was set in 2161, the sequel in 2241, the third in 2277, Fallout: New Vegas in 2281, and the fourth game in 2287.

Teaser Trailer #1 gives us a taste of the new world:

So we’ve got the year 2102 and a possible location in West Virginia. But what is Vault 76? We’ve actually heard it mentioned in previous releases. Both Fallout 3 and 4 refer to Vault 76, which was once occupied by 500 occupants and was supposed to be opened 20 years after a nuclear war. In the trailers, the vault looks empty or abandoned, scattered with posters proclaiming “Reclamation Day”. We’re thinking Reclamation Day was the day that the vault was intended to be opened… But we’re left to wonder,

Where is everyone? And Why is the vault opening years after it was supposed to?

Due to the new setting and closer timing to the bombs dropping, the landscape of this new game will be vastly different from the previous games. Fallout 76 will feature more green landscapes and mountainous regions that were unavailable before. Developers have also teased new monsters that we haven’t seen before, containing mutations that evolved quickly and weren’t dominant until the older games. Micro-transactions are going to be fairly insignificant here, granting the ability to adjust cosmetic elements of the characters and world.

Trailer #2 showcases 7 minute of actual game play:

Expect the biggest Fallout game of the franchise thus far, with the broadest world to explore.

For better or worse, developers are including an online multi-player experience that the previous releases have lacked. Some fans have questioned this decision out of a fear of other players ruining their experience, but Bethesda has assured fans that its developed ways to prevent things like bullying and harassment.

Plus side, death in the game will not cause you to lose your progression or possessions.

They want to create a shared world experience where you will meet both friends and enemies. It is your job to rebuild the world and it is going to take some help to do it, dammit.

Fallout 76 is scheduled for release on November 14th.


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