Fan Service… Or Sexual Assault?

This should go without saying, but trigger warning.

There’s a series I watched last year called The Seven Deadly Sins, and I’m not even going to try to make an excuse for why I watched it. We all know why.

Obviously for Hawk “Captain Leftovers” the Pig…Obviously.

I expected fan service, but the amount of sexual assault that happens in that show is nauseating. Meliodas gropes Elizabeth’s breasts like 2x an episode. It’s not accidental. It is completely on purpose. Elizabeth, who is about as sharp as a balloon, constantly gets tricked into situations where Meliodas fondles her breasts, and she has no clue what is happening.

Honestly, it’s a trope I remember in a lot of anime, and one I’ll never understand. Even as a 10-year-old watching Lupin the 3rd, I felt uncomfortable watching Lupin sneak up from behind and grab Fujiko’s breasts.

And it’s not just male-on-female, there’s plenty of female-on-female sexual assault as well. Keijo!!!!!!!! did such an amazing job of creating an explicitly fan service centered show, but there are way too many scenes where a character named Mio gropes her teammates and does so in a sexually charged way.

I have not seen a man be non-consensually groped in an anime, but I highly expect those shows are out there. That is sure as hell not okay either.

These occurrences never cease to make me feel unclean. I highly doubt I’m the one who feels this way, so why is this so prevalent?

The weirdest part is I think that it’s supposed to be played off as a laugh. Or in the female-on-female case, as a sexy, lesbian scene. The woman deservedly gets furious and hits the man or woman into the stratosphere. I know anime itself stretches the boundaries of what is possible in real life, but sexual assault is never funny or sexy.

Let me note, I am not averse to fan service in any way. Male, female, alternate-dimension dragon, what have you—throw it all out there. But non-consensual groping in any fashion has no place in real life or in anime. It is creepy. It is revolting. It is Sexual Assault. And it is time this stopped, dammit.

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