Fashionable Perfumes For Every Anime Fandom

anime Perfume For Every Anime Fandom
(Source: primaniacs)

Custom scents are a popular trend no matter where you go, but Japan really seems to love them! You can find perfume for just about any occasion. And if you’re a big anime fan, primaniacs can supply you with scents for almost any fandom! Some of their selections are no-brainers, but a few may surprise you.

For Anime Fans

anime Perfume For Every Anime Fandom
(Source: primaniacs)

The Tokyo accessory company uses for inspiration make total sense. The company makes a pair of Revolutionary Girl Utena scents inspired by Utena and Anthy, for instance. (Both have plenty of rose, but Utena’s has bergamot notes while Anthy’s has more musk and sandalwood.) There’s also a Schoolgirl Strikers line, aaaand an Anonymous Noise series.

But what would you say to One Punch Man perfume? It exists! And so do lines for Attack on Titan, ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept., and even Kuroko’s Basketball! The best part? These all seem to be extremely well thought out scents, working primarily from the character’s personality rather than trying to get too novel or clever with their ingredients.

The shop also sells jewelry, keychains, and other accessories from popular shows.

Something Original

anime Perfume For Every Anime Fandom
(Source: primaniacs)

While the licensed goods are their main draw, primaniacs also gets original sometimes! For example, they created their own three-person magical girl team for a special perfume line, complete with new character art! The line includes Smile of Rosebreton (pink roses & fruit), Whisper of Montstein (citrus, floral, & woody notes), and Blessings of Virtoretta (exotic flowers & sandalwood). There’s also a new line based on Sengoku-era warlords.

And since we all know you were wondering, they also have a  “How To” page with instructions to get the most out of your fragrances.

A few anime perfume tips:

  • Put on a fragrance-free moisturizer before you spray to make the scent last longer.
  • Don’t rub your wrists together when you spray it on (that breaks up the molecules).
  • Switch up your scents, so you don’t go “nose blind” to one particular one and accidentally spray on too much.
  • During hot and humid seasons like this one, opt for citrus-y or “green” scents rather than sweet or warm ones — those are best for dry, cool winters.




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