Arby’s And Anime: The Perfect Combo

Arby's And Anime
(Source: @Arbys)

When you think of roast beef sandwiches, you probably don’t immediately associate them with anime. But American fast food chain Arby’s is changing that. The people behind their social media campaign are absolutely as geeky as we are. Not only that, they’re as amazing at papercraft as they are at meatcraft!

For the Love of Anime

Arby's And Anime
(Source: @Arbys)

In recent months, followers of Arby’s on social media have gotten used to their fandom antics. The team have done everything from write their slogan in Grineer to make a cardboard sonic screwdriver. They even recreated Howl’s Moving Castle!

While they’ve definitely got their finger on the pulse of fandom, anime seems to be their first love. One of their most recent pics features a cardboard P-chan looking distressed at their brown sugar bacon. And for those of us with Ryoga’s sense of direction, the post included a store-finder.

As it turns out, one of the two main social media managers really is a big anime fan, and is heavily involved in the cosplay community. So it’s no surprise she’s using her day job to spread the anime love in every way possible.

Giving Back

Arby's And Anime
(Source: @Arbys)

But that’s not all. They love the fandom so much that they stopped in at Anime Expo to drop off some prizes! Twitter’s #ArbysArtDrop tag shows their contribution to the event in the form of their now-famous papercraft. Attendees could hunt for art from Gundam, One Piece, Little Witch Academia, and lots more. Lucky finders got to keep the art, of course. But they also got way cool prizes like shirts and Arby’s gift cards!

A lot of companies are embracing the geek lifestyle nowadays. But it’s great to see people who obviously love what they’re doing and enjoy giving back to the fans, too! If you want to keep an eye on the Arby’s and anime journey, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook.

We smell a brand insert coming in a future anime…

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