Fate/Grand Order: Third Singularity Sets Sail!

Fate/Grand Order
(Source: Aniplex)

The wait’s over — and now it’s time to hit the high seas with the newest chapter of Fate/Grand Order!

Okeanos: Sealed End of the Four Seas launched on September 28th, and with it came lots of new content. New cards, new adventures, new Interludes… and, of course, new characters!

A Pirate Adventure

(Source: Aniplex)

The new chapter sees Mash Kyrielight and her master sent back to a new Singularity to find and secure the Holy Grail. But they find themselves at sea on the Golden Hind — the ship of the great Sir Francis Drake. And since this is Fate, Sir Francis is (of course) a lovely lady!

You’ll have to play the Third Singularity yourself to find out what’s going on in this time period… but in short, their problem is unique. Rather than not being able to find the Holy Grail, they find too many! Now, they have to team up with a legendary band of pirates to find the Grail they’re looking for, secure the Singularity, and restore history to normal.

Of course, a new chapter means additions outside the basic plot. There are six new Interludes — side quests unlocked via Servant ascension and leveling up Bonds — to get to know them better and improve their Noble Phantasms. There are also some cool nautical Craft Essence cards drifting around. Plus, you’ll be able to summon a new version of Medea once you finish this Singularity.

And speaking of summons…

Your New Best Friends

It wouldn’t be a new chapter without new Servants! Francis Drake (seen above) is the big star of this show, a Rider-class servant with some fearsome firearms. But you can also pick up a Rider-class Anne Bonny and Mary Read — yes, they’re one card.

You’ll also get to encounter (and later summon) some big mythological names. Though if you do a lot of Friend Point summons, you may have one or two of them already.

There’s still a long way to go before part one of Fate/GO is done. At the moment, Japan is on Epic of Remnant, a four-part bridge between the first and second parts of Grand Order. The adventures will see players exploring Shinjuku with James Moriarty, journeying to the center of the Earth with Christopher Columbus, and (in future) looking in on the Salem witch trials.

Ready to jump aboard? Visit the Fate/Grand Order website!

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