Fate/Stay Night: An Urban Fantasy

I doubt I am the first person to want to talk about this series. Fate/Stay Night has seen several different incarnations; visual novels, a manga series, this television series, even a later movie version. Still, with all those things already out there, I clicked on the series here on Viewster with fresh eyes. When I started watching Fate/Stay Night, all I knew was that it was about, Shiro, a young orphan boy. He is an amateur magic user who becomes involved in a battle for the Holy Grail.

I learned through the first couple of episodes that there is actually a deeper mythology behind the series. The battle for the Holy Grail is between several magic users called Magus and their powerful warrior Servants (Think Pokemon, but this time the Pokemon have big swords and kill people). This whole battle for the Grail is hidden away from the modern world with rules about leaving no witnesses alive and Servants never being seen. It really is an urban fantasy story wrapped up in the anime art form. There were some similar vibes of the most recent Marvel film, Doctor Strange; magic users hidden away from the ordinary world while also facing the consequences if all that magical violence bleeds through to the commoners. The show itself is always hinting at a larger world than the one they show and a deeper back story yet to be unfolded.

Still, the real focus of the story beyond all the crazy magic and peculiar characters, is young Shiro. His father’s death is shrouded in mystery but referred to as a heroic sacrifice and the boy is determined to live the same kind of life. He is resolute about one day becoming a ‘champion for justice.’ It’s clear from the beginning that Shiro is the heart of this story and it is his fate that we all will stay around to watch. So if an urban fantasy story shrouded in a world of hidden magic sounds enticing, then you should click on Fate/Stay Night right now.

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