Father of the Year Surprises Son With Nintendo Switch

Image: Mohikan1974 Twitter User
Image: Mohikan1974 Twitter User

Kids are always pretty creative at making their own fun. A Japanese Twitter user named Mohikan has been using his Twitter profile to  show off how cool his son is and how much fun they have together. The adventures of this father and son have gained him over 120,000 followers. Recently, he posted about his son’s creative skills with a cardboard version of the Nintendo Switch that the boy crafted on his own. He even made up his own imaginary game series called The Adventures of Prince Poop. It currently has two sequels.

Mohikan figures that it was his son’s way of telling him how bad he wanted the new Nintendo Switch. Of course, this young boy isn’t alone in wanting the handheld so bad that he created his own… But his story ends best:

Apparently, his son has a lot of experience mocking up technology. He has made his own paper versions of a laptop and another one that looks like some sort of game console. Dad grabbed the game, then live tweeted the moment when he surprised his son by sneaking the real Switch inside the cardboard case of his boy’s fake console.

Judging by the photo, it looks like the young boy was quite happily surprised by the new gift. Can anything top the feeling when you’re that age and get to play a brand new game? I’m glad the kid got the new console, but I hope he doesn’t give up on his cardboard creations. Some might say all this imaginative production and the games that went on inside his head could be better than the real thing.

Most importantly, (unfortunately for all of us) The Adventures of Prince Poop 1, 2, and 3 are currently only a cardboard dream. Hopefully, this kid ends working in the game industry someday.

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