Final Fantasy VII Remake: An Update

Character makeovers

Being 20 years old, the game’s characters needed to get updated, so producers thought about using FF Advent Children’s character models. But even those were outdated, so they let Visual Works start from scratch.

I’m guessing character’s iconic clothing will remain very similar.

Small story changes

Team Square decided to make small updates to portions of the game; partially to adapt to modern society. Apparently there was some concern over the scene where Cloud wears a dress as a disguise.

They also didn’t want the game to be 100% nostalgia, so some changes could be made just to keep things fresh.

Multiple games

The original FF7 was huge, even by today’s standards, so the remake will be enormous.

Fitting the remake into one release was simply impossible – they’d have to cut large parts of the game. So instead the game is being broken into several games. Kinda sucks, but hey, it had to be done.

Don’t expect it anytime soon… ūüôĀ

Recently some bad news was leaked.

Square fired Japanese studio CyberConnect2, who were helping develop the game. CyberConnect2 had fallen behind schedule, so Square decided to cut CyberConnect2 and use an internal team of developers to finish their work.

But when Square brought the project back home they found that CyberConnect2’s work was mostly useless. Things were such a mess they’ve had to start from scratch. Ouch.

Even though that trailer looks sweet, I wouldn’t get too attached. It may be completely different once finished.

Are you holding on to hope for the FF7 remake? Share your support down in the comments.

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