A Long-Overdue Violet Evergarden Review

Finally! A Long-Awaited Review on 'Violet Evergarden'
Source: Netflix

And of course, there’s the color and the animation 🙌.

I can only hope the animators at Kyoani are paid handsomely. Every color is radiant—I swear I was seeing new colors for the first time every 30 seconds. The animation here is frankly better than some movies I’ve seen recently. Plus, it’s some of the cleanest and most lustrous animation we’ll ever see in anime, and yet… I’m more captivated by the animation of Megalobox.

There’s a different texture and feel to anime like Megalobox or Redline that makes it more captivating and endearing (to me at least). As impeccably gorgeous and fluid as Violet Evergarden is, I prefer the grit over the shine.

It would have been easy to drop Violet Evergarden after three episodes. It felt like all beauty and very little substance. But I’m glad I kept giving this show a chance. I truly did enjoy this show. It told its story and bowed out gracefu-…wait. It’s likely getting a second season?

Sigh. Stream Violet Evergarden on Netflix right here





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