Fireworks Anime Not Well-Rounded, Rather Flat

'Fireworks' Film Not Well-Rounded, Rather Flat
Source: GKIDS

It’s almost bizarre how many anime movies are using a “how love persists through time” narrative. Fireworks, to its credit, uses this theme through the scope of two questions: How do little everyday events change our lives in big ways? and, If we could change time, should we?

'Fireworks' Film Not Well-Rounded, Rather Flat
Source: GKids ‘Fireworks’ Trailer

In Fireworks, we follow Norimichi, Yusuke, and their friends on the day of a fireworks display. While most of the boys can only focusing on arguing whether fireworks are flat or round, Norimichi and Yusuke both have their eyes of Nazuna, a teenage girl who is struggling with her mother’s decisions to remarry and leave town. Nazuna hopes to thwart her mother’s plans by running away with Norimichi. However, things don’t always go as planned. But thanks to a mysterious object Nazuna found earlier in the sea, Norimichi learns he can travel back through time and alter the past.

But as it turns out, the past isn’t the only thing he’s altering.

Fireworks is the latest movie from the producer of your name, Genki Kawamura, which is of little surprise considering how stunning the movie looks. The water effects, camera shots, and art choices gave me countless instances of goosebumps. Even the CGI was breathtakingly gorgeous at times…but god, when it was bad, it gave me whiplash. The CGI walking sequences and bike riding scenes are horrendously jarring. I cannot mentally comprehend how both this scene and this scene are in the same movie.

How do we not have natural looking CG walking down yet?

'Fireworks' Film Not Well-Rounded, Rather Flat
Source: GKids ‘Fireworks’ Trailer

The people behind this movie and the questions posed in this movie made me believe it had potential. However, like most of the movies I’ve seen recently, I’m more impressed with the visuals than the execution of the story. There were numerous instances where character actions and motivations made zero sense. The ending was so garbled that I felt like I must have missed something despite not missing anything. In fact, I want to see the movie again because I’m not 100% sure how it ended. And considering I didn’t temporarily go blind, that’s not great.

If nothing else, Fireworks is a feast for the eyes but a vexing experience for your brain.



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