5 Cary Grant Films You Need to Watch

We all have our favorite classic films and the heros that go along with them, however now we want to focus on Cary Grant. You may recognize him from some of the movies listed below, or you may have him confused with George Clooney. We won’t attempt to write a better biography about him because Wikipedia always does it best – we’re here to talk about the films.



We’re all liars deep down, aren’t we? And Audrey Hepburn doesn’t know who to trust. Her world is turned upside down when her husband is mysteriously murdered while she is on vacation, and everything she thought she knew turns out to be a lie. When it seems like everyone is out to get her, Grant swoops in and gives her the information she needs…or does he? This timeless tale of murder, love, and fake identities is available on Viewster right here. 

Dat ice cream.
Dat ice cream.


A lil’ tease:

His Girl Friday

How dare his ex-lover try to remarry?! Seems like a reoccurring theme for Grant and his five different wives throughout his life… Anyways, Grant tries his best to block the marriage of his ex-wife to an insurance salesman, even going as far to get the fiancé arrested (a few times). However, we soon learn that his humorous intentions aren’t completely ill-mannered, as sparks of love begin to fly. You can conveniently watch it on Viewster.

Typewriters = nostalgia overload.
Typewriters = nostalgia overload.



North by Northwest

Some regard it as the first James Bond film, and you’ll instantly fall in-love with this classic (notice the resemblance between Grant and Sean Connery). A case of mistaken identity quickly turns into a story of espionage, lies, and keeping his Mother informed. Dodging a crop-duster and fighting the bad guys on the faces of Mount Rushmore, there’s no doubt Grant will get the girl. Smooth.

get doowwnnn
Get doowwnnn.



Ok, so not Biggie SmallsGrant and Ingrid Bergman team up in this post-war drama, hunting down Nazi defectors in Brazil. Now before you get the idea of this being an Inglorious Bastards type of movie, just know that sometimes a bad guy’s colleagues can be his biggest fear… especially when it comes to hiding Uranium ore.

Na, na, Notorious.
Na, na, Notorious.

To Catch a Thief

A post-war mystery set in Monaco, France as a cat-burglar seems to be stealing all of the town’s valuables. Suspicion falls on Grant and his old crew of French Resistance fighters, and it’s up to the beautiful Grace Kelly to clear his name. Funny enough, it’s during the filming of this movie that Grace Kelly, the babe among babes, meets the Prince of Monaco and her future husband, Rainer III. To Catch a Thief displays some amazing uses of mise-en-scène, thrilling chases, clever beach-bathing shots, and has quite the shocking end!

Standard view.
Standard view.


Which are your favorite classic films? Are you more of a Jimmy Stewart fan? Tell us below!


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