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Ever notice how whenever you see food in anime, it looks really good? Like how delicious that feast in Spirited Away was? (Before Chihiro’s parents turned into pigs an RUINED it.)

Anime artists realized that scrumptious looking food hits fans where it matters – in their stomachs. No other animated medium pulls food off like anime. Other artists have definitely taken notice, and it’s begun to inspire art in other forms. Let’s take a look at a couple perfect examples:


Nour is an experimental food physics game by indie game dev TJ Hughes and his studio Terrifying Jellyfish.

In the game, you use a Midi controller, which is just a grid of buttons – most often used to make electronic music. As you press buttons, food drops onto the game space. Then you can make it move (or jiggle) by tilting the Midi board, thanks to the controller’s tilt-axis controls. There is a strong correlation to the soundtrack, also inspired by anime.

TJ explained in an interview how anime food was the inspiration for the game. He also said his creation doesn’t have an objective and there aren’t any goals, it’s just about having fun playing with your food!

Check out the trailer for Nour here:

Shawn Wasabi

Next up is Shawn Wasabi, aka Spicy Boy.

Shawn is an indie musician known for his upbeat electronic tracks inspired by anime. And food. Lot’s of food references. In fact, every track Shaun releases has a food reference in the title. Tracks include: Burnt Rice, Spicy Boyfriend, Otter Pop, and the brilliantly named Hottu Doggu.

But his breakout song is called Marble Soda, which coincidentally was produced on a Midi controller, like Nour. His music oozes with anime inspiration, and this track is the prefect example. Check it out:

Head on over to his website to hear his other work.


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