For SCIENCE! This Will Be One of the Best Anime You Ever Watch

My first experience with Steins;Gate came when it first premiered in 2011. At the time I watched one or two episodes, thought it was OK at best and decided to drop it. Wow was that a mistake.

I picked the series up again in late 2014 at the recommendation of a friend and absolutely adored everything that I saw. From start to finish this was one of the few series that I gladly gave a 10 out of 10 to. From the writing/story to the characters, it easily became one of the finest series that I had seen in a very long time and something that I kicked myself repeatedly for having given up on it so easily years earlier.

Now Steins;Gate is available on Viewster for fans to watch but as with all sci-fi series, there are certain things that fans should know and keep in mind before diving into it. What are those things? Let me tell you!


Prepare for a science lesson

The first couple of episodes of Steins;Gate are going to throw a lot of scientific jargon at you. Push through it and stick with it, you’ll be glad that you did within only a couple of episodes!

steinsgate 4


Pure Sci-fi at its finest!

This is one of the best modern sci-fi series of at least the last decade so even if you’re not normally into that sort of thing I urge you to give it a shot anyway.


It WILL all make sense eventually

There are times when you’re going to have to give Steins;Gate the benefit of the doubt and just trust that it knows what it is doing. Just remember the mantra that no matter what happens, it will eventually all make sense.


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