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If you have been by Viewster Live over on YouTube, you would know that we have been stretching our legs with games. So why not talk about a few titles that are swanky, fun and thrilling? Let’s dive right into that whirlpool of amazement.


For starters a game that all anime fans and enthusiasts should be gravitating towards is Persona 5 by Atlus. This game has had one hell of a development cycle and it has left the Persona fan-community wanting. What makes these games so good is the fact that they are anime-life simulators; in a facet. You play a lead character on a journey through a dungeon of sorts, grinding levels and gear along the way in order to unravel a mystery; often times a deadly one. The other half of the game is a high school/life simulator where you struggle to balance your study time, friend time and general life time. Its anime-stylized design sings quality: We can’t wait to play when it drops April 4th Worldwide on PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4.


Mass Effect Andromeda is not an anime focused game by any means (unless you count the wacky and exaggerated facial animations). This one’s a game that has had us feverishly excited since the conclusion of the original trilogy series in 2012. Made by the talented folk from BiowareMass Effect Andromeda is a premier class RPG with open world elements and space opera atmosphere galore. It has us all practically in an excited frenzy to play it and will possibly consume our life for the next few weeks… We’ll just say that now. Mass Effect Andromeda falls planet-side March 21st in the United States and in the European Union March 23rd.

Got any upcoming titles that you are over the moon for? Feel free to leave us some love down in the comment section or on social media.

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