GAME TRAILER: Attack on Titan 2

(Source: Bago Games / Flickr)

As you may have heard, Koei Tecmo recently announced the Attack on Titan 2 game.

The trailer looks pretty slick, even though it just shows a collection of cut scenes with no real gameplay to speak of. We can tell from just these cuts that they’ve made some significant improvements in cleaning up the graphics, compared to the first Attack on Titan game.

Check it out:

As you could probably tell, you once again take control of the Omni-Directional Manoeuver Gears to zip around town hacking limbs off of those lovable titans. And you’ll see Eren Yaeger being an overly-emotional hothead, which is par for the course.

Fans of AoT took to Koei Tecmo’s Facebook page to express their excitement and concerns.

Chief among the gripes are concerns that they won’t make an English dub, which Koei Tecmo didn’t do for first game. Also, players are worried that the second game may follow the second season in being about half as long as the first – season 1 had 25 episodes while season 2 had only 12.

Several players made an interesting plea to Koei Tecmo – stop creating games that follow the exact story of the manga and anime. Instead, let the player create their own character and come up with an original story. I think that’s great advice. Personally I’d rather make my own way in an open-ended environment than act out the same battles I’ve already seen. Food for thought.

Otherwise, most everyone is really excited about this follow up title, especially after seeing the crispy graphics in the trailer.

Attack on Titan 1 was released on PS3 and PS4, PSVita, XBox One, and Windows, so AoT2 could be released across the same platforms. But we’ll have to wait and see; details are sparse right now. At least we know that they’re shooting for an early 2018 release!

Stay posted for more details. Anyone getting amped up for Attack on Titan 2? Let us know in the comments below.



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