Gamers, Check Out These Anime

Whether you’re slaying villains or fighting for your survival, gaming provides a damn good escape from reality.

These anime are dedicated to all gamers, no matter your style…


Everything about Konosuba breaks barriers making this almost as swoon worthy as your favorite Japanese role-playing game. This comedic anime just wrapped, but fear not, they quickly announced a game for PS4 and PS Vita is in the works

Konosuba takes unexpected turns… And who doesn’t want to partake in a curse that steals people’s underwear? 

Sword Art Online   

Imagine logging in to your favorite game… Only to discover you can’t log out. “F*ck.” is right. 

Kirigaya “Kirito” Kazuto participates in a BETA game for a brand new, soon to be irresistible MMORPG. This MMORPG turns into a gaming must-have, but no one foresees being trapped in this alternative universe, forever… The only escape from this virtual prison is to beat the game but there is a twist (DUH); if you die in the game, you die in real life. Buckle up.

Amagi Brilliant Park

For fans of Theme Park, RollerCoaster Tycoon, and Harvest Moon:  Amagi Brilliant Park is a solid pick to stream. Kanie Seiya and Sento Isuzu go on an interesting date to a theme park…which turns out to be a recruitment venture. The hope is Kanie will manage the park and revive its glory. Of course there is ALWAYS a twist– the park is filled with vulgar personalities and damn mischievous people.

Just because you’ve reached the end of your game doesn’t mean there’s not more where that came from. None of these titles satisfying your gaming needs? No problem. Viewster’s The Escapist reviews just about every awesome game, ever.

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