Get That Fujiko Look With New Lupin III Lingerie

Get That Fujiko Look With New Lupin III Lingerie
Source: Comic Natalie

Want to rock Fujiko Mine’s style but don’t have — you know — any of that? Take heart. Japanese lingerie designer AMPHI has teamed up with the crew behind Lupin III Part 5, and the result is both cute and wearable!

“Glamor And Rich”

Get That Fujiko Look With New Lupin III Lingerie
Source: Comic Natalie

In anime and manga, Fujiko can wear daring lingerie that makes no logical sense. But in the real world, we need a little help to make those looks work. AMPHI has designed two bra styles that bring the Fujiko glam while still being functional.

The two “Glamor and Rich” bras have flesh-tone (for the average Japanese consumer, that is) cups with lace overlays, giving the illusion of a much skimpier cut. The bras also have push-up padding. So you may not be quite as “talented” as Fujiko, but you still get a boost!

The bras come in five colors: pink, black, grey, blue, and yellow. Matching panties and negligees are also available, with the same consideration for function as the bras. The line rolls out April 1st in select Japanese stores.

The Big Picture

Get That Fujiko Look With New Lupin III Lingerie
Source: AMPHI

But wait, there’s more! AMPHI will be sending a Fujiko mannequin around to participating stores to show off the lingerie. Her schedule is available on the official crossover page.

Also available on the page is a fun quiz — provided you know some Japanese. Answer a few multiple-choice questions to find out which of the men of Lupin III would be your ideal boyfriend! (I got Zenigata… was it the ramen question? It must have been the ramen question.)

As an extra bonus, each purchase will come with a postcard depicting the collaboration’s key art of Fujiko in pink!

And all this is in celebration of the upcoming Lupin III Part 5. The new season, in the style of the recent film and TV installments, debuts next month, too!

What do you think of Fujiko’s new lingerie line? Let us know in the comments below.

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