The Dub Failure That Is “Ghost Stories”

The Dub Failure That Is "Ghost Stories"

Ghost Stories originally aired as a sort of scary, dubious title. That was until the English dubbing company, ADV, got their hands on a botched translated script.

The Dub Failure That Is "Ghost Stories"

The outcome was an off the wall English dub. The dubbing crew essentially just had their way with this title and it is—beautiful, for a lack of a better word.

Ghost Stories follows a group of school kids who stumble into ghouls and ghosts. Satsuki Miyanoshita is the main character and is a fountain of dark comedy. Honestly, the jokes that are hurled around this anime are not for the younger ones. The humor can be awfully crude and down right absurd.

The Dub Failure That Is "Ghost Stories"

The ghosts are, of course, still the star ‘villains’ of the anime series and while they may have been scary in the original Japanese dub, the English dub has all but destroyed their scare factor. (…So if you were looking for a scare or an older series with story, you may want to source the original Japanese dub.) It shocks me that the voice actors were allowed so much flexibility in ad-libbing the new English script…

But even with the loss of story content, the English dub continues to thrill viewers with its abstract take on the original storyline.

And in the end, you can essentially thank this anime for the massive improvement we have seen in the translation of anime scripts.

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