Ghostbusters World Is An Evolved Version of Pokemon Go

Ghostbusters World Is An Evolved Version of Pokemon Go
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Pokemon Go was one of the fastest growing games we had ever seen. The user number shot up into the millions almost immediately upon release, and has stayed around there ever since.

Since the wake of Pokemon Go, augmented reality games have risen out of seemingly nowhere… Think Harry Potter: Wizards Unite or Zombies, Run!.

Now, Ghostbusters World is coming, and the result of Sony Pictures, plus Korean mobile game studios 4:33 and Next Age. They’ve leveraged Google’s maps platforms to open the doors for their developers… plus Pokemon Go‘s key learnings for an ideal AR experience.

Instead of pokeballs, you attack with your proton pack.

There are dimensional portals in the place of Pokestops. There are also the now standard in-app purchases to buy short cuts to all sorts of things. Some of the improvements on the Pokemon Go model are a PvP and story mode. The story mode is written by the Ghostbusters comic books writers. There is also the chance the game will have an in-app chat feature where you could coordinate ghost battles and chat up your ghostbuster colleagues.

It’s getting clear that augmented reality is here to stay. As more and more games are developed, I’m curious to see what else can be added to this genre. Story mode and PvP sound like no-brainers, so what else can they think up?

Ghostbusters World is set to launch later this year on IOS and Android.


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