Gigantic Pokemon GO Updates

Gigantic Pokemon GO Updates
Image source: Niantic

Niantic has announced MAJOR updates to Pokemon GO. It’s a ton, so let’s dive in.


Gigantic Pokemon GO Updates
Image: Niantic Support FAQ
  1. Let’s be honest, not many of us used the gyms. Why would you when it’s filled with ten 3000+ CP Dragonites and Blisseys? Fortunately, that hell is gone. Gyms will now only be six Pokemon deep and there can only be one of each Pokemon.
  2. When you assign a Pokemon to a gym, a “Motivation meter” will appear. Every time your Pokemon loses, your motivation and CP will drop, making it easier for other trainers to beat your Pokemon. Once the meter runs out, your Pokemon will return after its next loss. You can refill its meter with berries.
  3. You’ll be able to spin gym photo discs to receive items, just like regular Pokestops.
  4. You can now receive badges from gyms. You earn badges and level them up through battling, giving gym Pokemon berries, and/or spinning the gym’s photo disc. By leveling badges up, you can also receive bonus items and increased rewards. And like your Pokemon, the badges also remember where you attain it.
  5. Lastly, you can receive an item called a “Raid Pass” by visiting a gym, which leads me to…
Gigantic Pokemon GO Updates
Image: Niantic Support Raid Battle

Raid Battles

  1. Occasionally, a gym beacon will disappear and an egg with a countdown will appear in its place. When the timer reaches zero, a Raid Boss Pokemon will appear (19,000+ CP). You need a Raid Pass to enter. After entering, you and up to 20 trainers from any team can enter into a battle with the Raid Boss, which you have to beat in under 5 minutes. You can lose, heal, and re-enter the raid, but there is a total time limit of one hour.
  2. If you beat the Raid Boss, you’ll have a chance to catch it. Once beating the Raid Boss, you’ll receive some new items—most importantly, Premier Balls. How much of an effort you put forth in battle determines how many Premier Balls you receive to try and catch the Raid Boss. You can’t use Pokeballs, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls to catch the Raid Boss. Once you run out of Premier Balls, it’s over. I do not know if Premier Balls carry over or if the Raid Boss can run.

New Items

Gigantic Pokemon GO Updates
Image: Niantic Support FAQ

Apart from Premier Balls, we have:

  1. Rare Candies- These aren’t like rare candies from the video games. When you use one on a Pokemon, the number of candies goes up by one.
  2. Technical Machines (TMs)- You receive either a Fast or Charged TM. These will allow you to permanently change one of your Pokemon’s attacks.
  3. Golden Razz Berries- These GREATLY increase your chances of catching a Pokemon and also completely refill your Pokemon’s motivation meter.

I’m super excited for these new Pokemon GO updates. Especially if Legendaries can become Raid Bosses. So what do you think? For those of you who have stopped playing, will these updates reenergize you? Let us know below!

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