Godzilla Is Back & Taking Over the World


If you didn’t already see, the king of all monsters is returning. The animated film’s title is Godzilla: Kaiju Wakusei (otherwise known as Godzilla: Monster Planet).

This is the first time that an animated Godzilla movie will be widely released in Japan in November of 2017 and Netflix has already snatched the worldwide distribution rights, so we’ll all get a chance to see this one. This time they are going full on sci-fi futuristic (still no Mecha-Godzilla though…probably). Instead, we’re jumping 20,000 years into the future where humanity is in deep trouble and Godzilla has already taken over the earth. The production company, Toho, has a released a roughly translated basic synopsis that explains the premise of the film. Here’s the gist:

Basically, the human race is forced to abandon earth after losing too many battles to Godzilla and the other Kaiju. The humans thought they could move to a new planet and set up shop, but apparently that planet proves to be no good. So, what’s left of the human race must return to earth and somehow win it back from Godzilla and the other monsters. Only once they get back here, they realize (through space travel complications) that 20,000 years have passed on earth while they were in transit. Godzilla is now the king of earth and the world has evolved to suit him (yikesss). A young man named, Haruo, leads the charge to retake earth because his parents were murdered by Godzilla right in front of him.

It’s your basic boy-wants-to-kill-giant-monster-for-murdering-his-parents-thousands-of-years-ago revenge plot.

I don’t know about you but I am always up for more Godzilla and taking it into the future sounds like a lot of potential for crazy fun. Although, I hope they take a lesson from the last American Godzilla film and don’t kill off the best character halfway through the movie (you can never have too much Cranston, in my opinion.)

They have also released some appropriately futuristic looking preview images of the movie along with its poster. You can see the now overgrown planet earth and the spaceships that heralded the human race back and forth across the cosmos.

If you ask me, November of 2017 cannot come soon enough.

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