Graham’s Summer Anime, Pt. V

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Miss part IV of my summer anime reviews? Check it out here. And without further ado, part V.

Gamers!, Crunchyroll 

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I’m a sucker for these kinds of shows, the ones where “the cool kids” love the same things that the outcast loves… Inevitably bonding over it. Gamers! took on the semi-cliché storyline and nailed it.

The characters are so endearing in this show. Karen Tendou is the most popular girl in school and creates a game club out of her love for video games. She also is head-over-heels in love with our protagonist, Keita Amano, who is a severely introverted gamer. Keita is oblivious to Karen’s advances and turns down her invitation to the club multiple times.Then we have Tasuku Erhara, a cool kid who has repressed his former nerdy self JUST so he can be cool. He’s started hanging out with Keita and is steadily falling back in love with the video games that made him happy.

My only negative is that like Battle Girl High School, they provide Karen’s chest/hip/waist measurements. Is this a new thing in anime?! It’s so weird, so gross. Despite it, I wish there were more than two episodes out—I need more. I will definitely keep watching.


Love and Lies (L&L), Amazon Strike 
summer anime review love and lies amazon strikeThis show is kinda heavy. In the year 1976, due to a severely declining birth rate, Japan implemented a policy which pretty much forces two people into marriage. This policy goes into effect on everyone’s 16th birthday, and the driving force of the plot.

In a nutshell, so far I’m assuming story is about three people: Yukari Nejima, Misaki Tazaki, and Ririna Sanada. On the eve of his 16th birthday, Nejima and Misaki confess their love for each other and share a couple kisses. When midnight hits, the government has paired him with another woman, Ririna. Luckily for Nejima, Ririna is swooned by his love story and agrees to help him possibly end up with Misaki.

I’m not opposed to this show; their love and emotions feel real. …But, I’m also real weary. I hope it doesn’t head down a path where Ririna falls in love with Nejima as well. It’s a very overdone trope and it stresses me out frankly.

I’m going to keep watching it, but I’m not committing myself. If this goes sideways, I’m bailing.


Tune in next time for my reviews of Vatican Miracle Examiner and Altair: A Record of Battles.



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