Dual Anime Review: Made In Abyss & Classroom Of The Elite

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I became so annoyed and so angry through the first seven minutes of this show that I nearly flunked it off of that alone. And truly, I have no idea why those first seven minutes exist at all. You could probably skip the first 7:04 of the first episode and I almost recommend it, because this show is f*cking incredible. I mean it. The first three episodes of this show stand a full head and shoulders above anything else I saw this summer. In fact… stop reading this, watch the first three episodes, and come back. I mean it. See you in 69 minutes.

For those of you returning here…RIGHT?!?!?

For those of you who did not leave, why have you done this to yourself?

COTE is a great mystery/drama anime. A number of students are enlisted to attend Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, the most prestigious high school in Japan. Based on tests, they are ranked into classes A-D—A being the highest, D being the lowest. No matter their class ranking, each student receives ¥100,000 every month. In this show we follow Ayanokoji, who at first glance appears to be the wettest blanket in history. But he’s secretly cunning and brilliant and may have purposefully put himself into Class D. Why? We don’t know yet!

This show contains so many great twists and turns. I cannot wait to see more of this show!






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