Graham’s Summer Anime, Part III

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Miss part II of my summer anime reviews? Check it out here. And without further ado, part III.

Princess Principal, Amazon Strike

Graham's Summer of Anime, Part 3 princess principalWho would have guessed an anime named Princess Principal was about a group of secondary school girls and a princess who are spies? It’s like if FRIENDS was about a canary doctor. All joking aside, Princess Principal is f*cking great.

The intro and ending are phenomenal—not just the songs, but the animation itself. I sat through them each and every time.

Each episode so far is its own mission with an overarching goal to spoil the Duke of Normandy’s plans. Now while I couldn’t care about Albion, I love these girls. They’re brilliant, crafty, cunning, and superior bad*sses. I love the shreds of backstory we’ve received so far. I love the darkness of the first episode and the tone it sets for the rest of the show. The use of Cavorite, an anti-gravity metal from an H.G. Wells book, is so freaking cool. Do I understand why the show took us into the past after episode one? No. But I do love the show explaining how they enlisted the princess.

If you love spy thrillers, I think you’ll love Princess Principal. I’m watching this all summer.


Restaurant to Another World, Crunchyroll 

Graham's Summer of Anime, Part 3
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A quick synopsis of this show is this: a restaurant serves regular customers for six days out of the week, but on the seventh day, it serves beings from another world. These beings include lizard men, dragons, and what might be Moses.

It’s also got a fair share of food porn. And food porn is the greatest. The highlight of the show is the food and how the customers react to the food. I swear it satisfies the soul. Why does anime food ALWAYS look so good? This show leaves you starving.

Overall, is this a perfect show or going to set the world aflame? No. It is a fluff show for damn sure and contains far, far, FAR more fan service than I expected, but it’s entertaining. Watch it when you’re bored or need a palate cleanser. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself.


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