Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Wants Your Help To Get Cooler

"Grisaia: Phantom Trigger" Wants Your Help To Get Cooler
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In recent months, more and more companies are turning to crowdfunding to fill their budget gaps. Some are new groups kicking off their first endeavor. Others are major companies hoping to improve their product and build some hype.

Now we can add Frontwing to that list, as they’re reaching out to their fans to make the upcoming Grisaia: Phantom Trigger even cooler.

"Grisaia: Phantom Trigger" Wants Your Help To Get Cooler

The World of Grisaia

The Grisaia series started, as you’d expect for a Frontwing property, as a series of visual novels. Originally, the games focused on Mihama Academy, a “school” for problem students — or rather, one problem student. The prison-like school became a dumping ground for a variety of young women, as well as your character. You’re there for a normal school life… though why you should want that comes to light later.

By the time we get to Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, things have changed a bit. Mihama Academy is no longer a prison, but a training ground for the organization known as SORD.

You’re still the only male character (of course), but now you’re tasked with training a new generation of operatives. All of whom are cute girls (of course). Frontwing released the Grisaia: Phantom Trigger VN last year on Steam to “Very Positive” reviews.

The first two episodes of an anime adaptation are due out in October. And that’s where you come in.

"Grisaia: Phantom Trigger" Wants Your Help To Get Cooler
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The anime adaptation of Phantom Trigger is in the hands of Bibury Animation Studio, who previously worked on Girls’ Last Tour and the new Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The first two episodes are coming out no matter what… but Bibury thinks they could do a little better.

A new Campfire campaign is hoping to bolster the adaptation’s budget, making it both cooler and more accessible worldwide. Primarily, extra funds would go toward upping the quality of the show’s fight scenes. Which, in a series about gunslinging high school girls, is always a plus.

Funds will also go toward a cinematic release for the first two episodes, as well as increased exposure overseas. That means a successful campaign could lead to Grisaia events in the West!

The basic reward pack includes Blu-Rays of the first and second episodes, a copy of the script, and a strip of film. Higher-end rewards could net you shirts, wall scrolls, and even art by the show’s character designer! And if you happen to be Japan-side, you could also score a seat at the theatrical premiere.

No matter what, Grisaia: Phantom Trigger episodes 1 and 2 come out this fall.


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