Gunsmith Cats Explodes In Special Edition Kickstarter

"Gunsmith Cats" Explodes in Special Edition Kickstarter!
Source: AnimEigo

In need of some vintage action anime in your life? Look no further!

AnimEigo is crowdfunding a new release of Gunsmith Cats — and the rewards are pretty sweet.

Getting a Kickstart

Gunsmith Cats is the fourth crowdfunded release to come from AnimEigo. The company previously Kickstarted special editions of Otaku no Video, Riding Bean, and Bubblegum Crisis. Each new release included a Blu-Ray with remastered footage, a collector’s box, and all sorts of other goodies for fans of classic anime.

"Gunsmith Cats" Explodes in Special Edition Kickstarter!
Source: AnimEigo

Much of the work on the projects has been crowdsourced, too! Volunteers in the past have handled everything from editing to liner notes, and receive backer levels in return for their hard work. And considering those levels can include autographed books and one-of-a-kind goods, it’s worth it for a fan looking to pitch in.

So, what can we hope to expect from this new box? Well, it’s not called the Explosive Edition for nothing.


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