Gunsmith Cats Explodes In Special Edition Kickstarter

Will You Be a Supervillain?

As with previous projects, the Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition will be a special treat for anime fans. Of course, backers can expect digitally-remastered video and a collector’s box. But there’s still more on the table.

"Gunsmith Cats" Explodes in Special Edition Kickstarter!
Source: AnimEigo

Every tier will get a digital download featuring production art — starting all the way down at $5! Higher tiers can also pick up a hardcover artbook with new artwork by Ken’ichi Sonoda, a variety of memorabilia, and new illustrations. Big spenders at the $10,000 level can get ten copies of the Blu-Ray for friends!

Stretch goals will unlock commentary tracks, as well as a “Cannon Fodder” tier where you can appear in a new manga drawn by Sonoda!

The last three Kickstarters ran to completion, and resulted in three fantastic box sets. We’re looking forward to the results of the fourth!

Check out the Gunsmith Cats Kickstarter!

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