‘Haikyu!!’: The Perfect Sports Anime

haikyu anime review

For months now, I’ve had a couple friends badger me to start watching Haikyu!! I keep telling them I’ll get to it. I mean, my backlog is just ridiculous. But then Viewster stepped in and, well my backlog just got longer, and I’ve never been happier. I plowed through eight episodes in what felt like 10 minutes. I am positively transfixed.

Haikyu!! isn’t just great—it’s “first bite of pizza” great. It’s “stepping into an air-conditioned room on a scorching hot day” great.

Haikyu!! is a story that mainly focuses around Hinata, a rather short but fast and tenacious young man. His volleyball story begins as a young boy when he sees a volleyball tournament involving Karasano High on TV. A player nicknamed “The Tiny Giant” captivates Hinata with his jumping abilities and lack of height (He sees a lot of himself in that player). From that point on, Hinata practices any way he can—recruiting friends to toss him the ball, playing with the girl’s team, and hitting the ball off the wall to himself.

The show also follows, albeit not as closely, Kageyama—a genius setter with the nickname “The King of the Court”. This next statement contains a very small spoiler for Episode 1, so go watch Episode 1 if you don’t want to be “shocked”. In his first ever volleyball game, Hinata loses to Kageyama. He catches up to Kageyama after the game, swearing he’ll beat him someday. The tides turn when they end up going to the same high school, Kurasuno High—a school that has faded from glory and has earned such nicknames as “The Fallen Champions” and “The Flightless Crows”.

Hinata and Kageyama are joined by their upperclassmen: their Captain Daichi, their senior setter Sugawara, their defensive specialist (libero) Nishinoya, wing spiker Tanaka, and ace Azumane. The upperclassmen are left in awe with the superhuman fast attack by Kageyama and Hinata. Honestly, words can’t do this play justice.


I got the most insane adrenaline rush whenever they did these. Haikyu!! is a constant source of goosebumps. But a sports anime is worthless without great characters to cheer on, and Haikyu!! is not in short supply. We get a great amount of backstory for a number of characters, even those on other teams. You can’t help but fall in love with the heart and soul displayed by every player on Kurasano’s team.

It’s been a while since I’ve watched a great team sports anime. Every word encouragement, every extra hustle play, every squeak of the shoe reminded me of why I not only love to watch but also play team sports. Haikyu!! is a perfect sports anime and one I cannot wait to finish. It is streaming for free on Viewster, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Update: I finished all 25 episodes. I’m not sure which day it is, but the sun’s up. Please tell me season 2 will be here soon.





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