Happy Birthday: 10 Reasons To Celebrate Charlie Sheen Today

It’s not like you need any special event to be reminded of why Charlie Sheen is a next-level powerhouse of a human being. Whether that’s a good or a bad thing to be, is a matter of opinion. (Let’s just say that half of our office hates him and the other half loves him.)

However, today is his 49th birthday and if you still don’t know about his exceptional feats, here’s a rundown.


1. He is Batman (obviously).

Charlie Sheen Batman


2. He is on Charlie Sheen.

You can stop searching for this now.
You can stop searching for this now.


3. He doesn’t sleep.

Charlie Sheen on Sleep


4. Normal brains cannot process him.

Charlie Sheen Brain


5. He’s also known as “The Machine“.

Charlie Sheen The Machine


6. He is an F-18, bro.

Charlie Sheen - an F-18


7. He drinks for a reason.

Charlie Sheen on drinking


8. He was married to Denise Richards.

Charlie Sheen Denise Richards


9. He plans his life.

Charlie Sheen on planning life
Plan, kids. Plan.

10. He’s bi-winning.

Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning

Did we miss any? Drop a comment below.


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