3 Anime Titles to Start Off The New Year

We’re eager and excited for what this new year has in store…. Especially, anime! Start the year off right by starting an anime you have yet to watch, or perhaps return to a series that you’ve been neglecting. For those on the hunt for a new title worthy to binge, these titles are a sure fire way to begin your year anew, the anime way.


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For every Viewster viewer expecting to see big changes in 2017, DNA2 is for you:

A classic that is sure to give you some laughs this new year, DNA2 is a brilliant anime that has joy, love and a heaping ton of humor behind its aged shell. When a gorgeous time traveler named Karin appears before the lack-luster Junta, his life is forever changed for the better; possibly for the worst! Now having to fend off droves of space women that want nothing more than to be apart of his ever growing harem! Is he truly in paradise? There is only one way to find out!



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For those hoping for a glam-filled 2017, press play on Love Live! School Idol Project:

Face it. You love idols, we love idols. So let’s enjoy a magical production of song and the bonding of friends in the enormously popular title that is Love Live! School Idol Project. In this title we follows the girls of the idol performance group Muse as they strive to put on a show that will save their school from closing shut once and for all. With catchy songs that are sure to entrance and character to fall in love with, you can be sure that you will want to cheer them on with your best “Nico Nico Nii” impression!


No Game No Life

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For those looking to fill their year with more beauty and less seriousness, look no further than No Game No Life:

 The anime that continue to impress and enthrall, No Game No Life is a phenomenal anime in all accounts. While the story may be lacking for some the anime’s gorgeous art style, fan-service and witty humor are guaranteed to make you laugh with joy while you enjoy the game that is played in the world of Disboard between the characters Shiro and Sora. As it comes in at only twelve episodes, this anime is sure to go by quick if you let it!


So throw your resolutions in the garbage – pick a title – and press play!


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