Here’s My Perfect Anime Family. What’s Yours?

Recently while thinking up new ideas for blog posts, a fantastical question came into my head; what if I had been born into an anime family?

I don’t mean a family that enjoys anime, but a real anime family. Who would make up my own personal ideal anime family? Once I got started down that road there was no stopping. I knew that I had to share this, and it also made me excited to hear what your ideal anime family would look like. So, let me start – here’s my list of ideal anime family members:


Junko Kaname (Madoka Magica)

A strong, wise and successful woman who isn’t afraid to stay up late in order to teach a life lesson or two, Junko Kaname is an ideal mother. A lot of anime mothers were vying for this spot but in the end she was the one who stood out the most in my mind, as the one who would’ve raised me with a firm yet gentle hand.


Soujirou Izumi (Lucky Star)

I never had a close relationship with my real 3D father, possibly because we didn’t share any of the same interests, which is why I would have loved it if Soujirou Izumi was my anime father. An anime fan who isn’t ashamed or embarrassed to share his hobby with his child would’ve been perfect for me growing up.

Younger Sister:

Alice Cartelet (Kiniro Mosaic)

I don’t really understand how anyone could meet Alice and not want her as a younger sibling. She’s smart, sweet, charming and is just so cute when she gets teased which would make her the perfect sibling to have around the house.


Duke Togo (Golgo 13)

To keep the family safe, you need someone tough and unrelenting. Someone who is going to take out anyone who wants to do harm to the family… someone like Duke. The strong, silent type. I don’t see anyone messing with my family so long as he’s standing guard.

Golgo 13

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Family Pet:

Menchi (Excel Saga)

As long as you don’t try to eat him, Menchi is actually a great pet due to being so super smart and crafty. I don’t want a dumb pet, I want a pet that will attempt to match wits with me and Menchi is just the dog to do it!


Maria (Hayate the Combat Butler)

With so much going on around the house, we’re definitely going to need a maid, and for that job I’ve tasked Maria from Hayate the Combat Butler! Not only is she a genius at her job but she’s a genius at life, and that’s definitely someone that I want in my life. Plus her previous employer was Nagi which means that she knows how to deal with unrepentant otaku types.

Hayate The Combat Butler

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Koro-sensei (Assassination Classroom)

A good teacher can quickly become a member of the family, but only if they are the right kind of teacher. Koro-sensei is that right kind of teacher. Always doing everything in his power to help his students learn and grow, Koro-sensei is the ideal teacher that I wish I had for every subject growing up.

So now it’s your turn… if you were to create a family made up entirely of anime characters, who would you choose? Feel free to substitute other members of the family as needed (younger brother instead of younger sister for example) until you’ve come up with your perfect scenario.


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