HoloModels Brings Anime Figure Collecting Into AR

HoloModels Brings Anime Figure Collecting Into AR
Source: Anime! Anime!

The Down Side

As cool as Gugenka’s HoloModels are, there are — of course — some negatives. The first is that, when we talk about “augmented reality,” we tend to expect something a little more like Pokémon GO. So if you’re expecting an interactive character… well, that’s not what this is at all. They’re beautiful figures, but they don’t have quite the VR interactivity one might expect at first glance. That’s fine — provided you’re aware first.

Plus, you have to have the latest iOS to use it, which means being all the way updated and having plenty of space on your smartphone. How much space? That, we don’t know. But we have a suspicion that having more than one of these beauties on your phone would start to eat up a lot of memory. And considering the interface looks like a toy shelf, that makes it seems like we’re expected to collect more than one.

Regardless, it’s a neat innovation for fellow anime figure fans — and definitely something we want to play with! We’ll be watching Gugenka closely to see what other figures they put out in the near future.

What would you like to see them release?



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