HUBBY PLEASE DIE: Japanese Wives Vent Their Darkest Thoughts

Here’s a little light-hearted terror for all you husbands out there.

A fun new website in Japan, Danna-shine (Die, Husband), allows Japanese wives to share their true sentiments towards their hubbies. Like a public-facing, cathartic hate-letter.

For example:

If you really have to visit a brothel when I’m away visiting my family, please at least use a fake name.

You pretend you’re a good dad but you have no connection with your kids.

You keep going on about how you’re busy at work, how you’re the perfect man.

Your sudden need to visit the gym and tanning salons makes me feel sick.

Death Not for Husbands book HUBBY PLEASE DIE: Japanese Wives Vent Their Darkest Thoughts
(Source: Danna-shine / Amazon Japan)

Some of the entries on Danna-shine are hilarious, others are kinda sad, while others border on psychopathic.

Needless to say, the site caught on quickly. Since December 2014, the site has received 1,500+ entries and is growing every day. In fact, there were so many juicy quotes the site’s owner decided to package them into a book. Husband Death Note, is available from Amazon Japan through publisher Takarajima.

May I suggest leaving this book out on your coffee table for guests to see? Y’know, to scare your friends with passages like:

I’ve reached my limit. If this keeps up, I’m going to become a murderer.

Please. Remove him from this world, even one day sooner.

Give his remaining lifespan to someone who wants to live.

Their Twitter feed also began exploding with even more marital death threats. Check them out. Just use Twitter’s “Translate from Japanese” function to read in English.

One user on Reddit pointed out, “Jeez, , no wonder Japanese folks don’t want to get married anymore.” They probably wrote that after reading:

You’re nothing more than an ATM to me, you piece of shit.

What’s your favorite  Danna-shine husband death threat?

Keep in mind, many are darkly hilarious, but not all of them. Some commenters use the platform to open up about serious issues, like abuse. In these cases, we’re reminded that for some women are in serious situations and may only be using the website to anonymously seek help.


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