Finally Saw Pacific Rim: Uprising, And You Should Too

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I know I’m late to the party, but I went and saw Pacific Rim: Uprising today. I also watched the original Pacific Rim for the first time before I went to the theater.

Honestly, my expectations were a little low judging by the reviews out there and the overall box office performance…

And they fell even lower when I arrived to an afternoon matinee and there were about 7 people in the theater with me.

There are a lot of similarities between this sequel and the original, but I think they made some nice improvements this time around.

It features all new kaiju-sized monsters again and brand new jaeger giant robots to defend our world.  I think one of the best decisions was basing so much of the action in daylight for this one. So much of Del Toro’s Pacific Rim took place either at night or in the ocean at night which made it more difficult to admire all of the robot and monster clashing that was going on.

Just like every new world Del Toro builds, the world of the original was colorful and obviously well thought out. The world of Pacific Rim: Uprising is less dimensional, but the overall experience of the film isn’t hurt by it, if anything this frees it up even more. To be honest, the original might have taken itself too seriously. John Boyega is no Idris Elba, but at least he is allowed to crack a smile in the film. Also, this proves Boyega can carry a film, they give him a lot more to do in this than in The Last Jedi.


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