Idol Concerts Introduce “Pretend Boyfriend” Standing Room

Idol Concerts Introduce "Pretend Boyfriend" Standing Room
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The idol scene in Japan has a broad array of fans. Listeners of all ages and genders pack concert halls to see their favorite singers. Unfortunately, with that diverse demographic comes the potential for awkward issues. One group has come up with a solution… but is it a fix, or just more awkward?

Pretend Boyfriends

Idol Concerts Introduce "Pretend Boyfriend" Standing Room

Idol duo petit milady performed several times for their fans prior to Christmas. And those performances tested out a rather interesting way of reducing potential “incidents” in the audience.

While regular seating was available, standing room near the stage was divided into two sections. Female attendees could access the “Women Only” section, while men were led to the “Pretend Boyfriend” section. The announcement on the decision described the section as a place where men could be near the stage and pretend to be petit milady’s boyfriends cheering from the audience.

If the real intent of the decision isn’t obvious already, take a look at the “Holy Party Night!” situation. The concert, which included petit milady alongside three other acts, had a similar setup. However, the men’s section was referred to as “Wanpaku Santas” (wanpaku being a Japanese word meaning “naughty” or “unruly”).

Worse, or Better?

Idol Concerts Introduce "Pretend Boyfriend" Standing Room
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As one might expect, the decision received mixed feelings. While many understand why the split exists, some say this has simply made an awkward situation more awkward. And admittedly, the names given to the “Men Only” sections can be taken as either joking or patronizing.

On the other hand, could there even have been a less awkward way to make this happen? Perhaps there was the option of simply being honest instead of trying to dress it up. But how would fans have reacted to “Women Only” and “Men Only” standing room labeled as such?

It’s a difficult issue, and was probably a difficult decision to make. But if it helped everyone have a good time at the concert, that’s what matters most, right?

Would you have done the same? Or do you have a different idea? Tell us in the comments!

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