Meet Our New Virtual YouTuber Crush: Ileheart

Meet Our New Virtual YouTuber Crush: Ileheart

Move over, Kizuna Ai, because there’s a new virtual YouTuber on the block. She’s got stars in her eyes, an amazing work ethic, and a character design worthy of Hyperdimension Neptunia. Her name is Ileheart… and she’s just doing her best not to get fired.

The Virtual YouTuber Boom

Meet Our New Virtual YouTuber Crush: Ileheart
Source: Tourism News Live

The accessibility of Live2D and face-rig technology means the virtual YouTuber community is growing. While we may only focus on one or two, there are actually thousands. How big is it? Nicopedia is running a contest to help document them all!

Perky gamer Kizuna Ai leads the pack, of course. She’s got her own merchandise, including a new Nendoroid. And she’s a tourism ambassador, as well as making her voice acting debut in this season’s¬†Magical Girl Site.

There are still more gaining a following, though. Mirai Akari and Kaguya Luna are doing well for themselves, with more popping up all the time. Major companies are even creating their own virtual hosts to promote themselves.

And that’s where Ileheart comes in!


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