Meet Our New Virtual YouTuber Crush: Ileheart

Meet Our New Virtual YouTuber Crush: Ileheart

A Star Is Born!

Video game company Compile Heart has several titles to its name, including Puyo Puyo and Hyperdimension Neptunia. To expand its reach, they’ve hired — or, rather, created — Ileheart, their new virtual YouTube host.

Ileheart features a design by Hyperdimension Neptunia character designer Tsunako, and she really does look like she stepped right out of the series! But Ileheart’s focus is her parent company. She’ll be delivering news, conducting interviews, and doing Q&As.

Her first video (above) features a cheerful introduction… and a decent idea of what she’ll be like. Far from being the perfect kawaii hostess, Ileheart has her share of troubles. Will she get fired? Does she know enough about the company’s work to represent it? Can she even keep her head on straight — literally? It’s a rough, but adorable, start for the new personality.

But it’s safe to say Ileheart has completely won us over. We can’t wait to see what she does in future. How about you? Check out her YouTube channel to follow her antics!





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