Impressions of Momokuri!

Do you like romance that starts off quickly and progressively evolves from the first episode? Do you like clingy anime girls? Well you are in luck! If you answered yes to any of those questions, like I did myself, then you are going to find Momokuri very irresistible! As we previously mentioned we just added this to our simulcast line-up! Seeing as I adore slice of life romances I figured I would give this anime a look! I was not disappointed by it’s first and second episode. The anime focuses on two characters Momo & Kurihara (Momokuri) and their rapidly evolving relationship that turned a normal day for Momo-kun into an experience that will forever change his life; hopefully for the better! While Momo-kun is rather shy his love Kurihara is just as shy, but also very stalker-like in her mannerism! She will go above and beyond to find out anything and everything in regards to Momo-kun.

The anime is quite the humorous one. The stalker like behavior of Kurihara is played out in such a way that it takes the standard tropes from other romance anime and applies it beautifully. Seeing her exaggerated reactions as she fawns over the various items, poses and actions of Momo is just utter joyful; it can also be quite peculiar or odd. Her character is obsessive to the point of finding out every little detail she can about Momo. She even showed up early to their first date in the hopes to use the, “Oh, I wasn’t waiting here long at all.” trope. Momo-kun on the other hand is quite stumped on how he should act around her or how he should engage with her. It is very enjoyable watching his character struggle with the basic etiquette of dating and engaging with a woman who is now his girlfriend. Overall I absolutely love the humor in this one. It sort of reminds me of anime like Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) in the sense of it’s exaggerated expressions and off the wall sort of humor. While not a perfect comparison Momokuri still manages to be quite playful in its humor department. 


The art style of the anime is simple with it’s backgrounds and on point with the character art. Each one is unique and I love the almost chibi style they exhibit. The expressions are are highlight in this anime and each exaggerated one continues to be better than the former. It’s entirely pleasing to just view these scenes on their own, however the background art may take away from the overall enjoyment for those who prefer more in depth backgrounds. The anime uses a lot of non-descript backings for a chunk of their scenes, but the background art that they do use is good when the specific scene requires it to be. Not the best anime I have seen in a visual sense, but it is still very pleasant to the eyes. The episode length is that of a normal 24 minute run, however the first episode is actual both the first and second. The anime does run with a two episode in one sort of formula, while not uncommon it is certainly a bit odd. Not unwelcome, but still interesting and different.

Have you catched a glimpse at the first episode? Did you already watch it in full? Feel free to leave us a comment down below on how you felt about the anime’s first episode! Momokuri is available for streaming the following countries: UK, NL, DK, NO, SE, FI

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